Some time ago, the cPanel Control Panel appeared to be an undisputed pioneer on the website hosting market. Its reputation grew so large that today cPanel is a synonym of Control Panel. Still, the cPanel Control Panel is constructed on out–of–date concepts and what worked great a few years ago is not of importance now.

That’s why, we engineered the Driond Control Panel, based on the concepts of today and prepared for the tests of tomorrow. It’s been intended to operate in the cloud, to always be easy to use and to let you control every aspect of your online presence: website, domain and invoicing, all from a single place.

1. Domain/billing/web site controls

If you need to handle your domains, sites and billing from one login page without having to work with any additional interfaces, the Driond Control Panel is simply what you need.

If you’d like separate Control Panel interfaces – one for your web sites, and yet another from which you can handle your domain names and payments, then cPanel is designed for you. Nonetheless, you’ll need to log in two locations simultaneously to efficiently handle your web presence.

2. File Hierarchy

With the Driond Control Panel, each domain and subdomain will have its unique folder in the main account folder. This way, all websites will be fully isolated from one another.

If you try to handle many websites from one cPanel account, it could be quite perplexing. You have a single main website and all other sites and subdomains are going to be included into its folder as subfolders. If you need to have an individual folder for every single web site, you must log into different Control Panel interfaces for each.

3. File Manager

With the File Manager in the Driond Control Panel, you will get full control of the data files of your web sites. It will be easy for you to speedily add new files using drag–and–drop capability, successfully modify several files at a time with the multi–selection option, extract archives in a click, modify files with the inbuilt generic and WYSWYG managers and more.

The File Manager featured in the cPanel Control Panel was upgraded several times throughout the years, nonetheless it still doesn’t deliver a decent experience when compared to other web–based data file administration instruments. You are not able to work with a drag–and–drop functionality to publish data files, the zip/unarchive tool can be difficult to rely on from time to time and then the file editing user interface is restricted in options.

4. Free–of–cost Bonus Tools

In case you’re seeking to obtain a better value for your money, then the Driond Control Panel is your solution. It arrives with cost–free bonus tools that are likely to cost you over a thousand dollars. You will be able to make use of Driond’s Site Installer Tool, 1 Click Applications Installer, 1 Click Framework Installer, Cost Free Web Site Generation Application and you’ll have access to a significant selection of freely available website themes.

Each individual web hosting supplier providing cPanel decides on their own what no–cost extras to to incorporate into your web hosting package. Also, since cPanel is a commercial Control Panel, the free bonuses also need to be paid by the website hosting company. This will undoubtedly raise the value of your web hosting plan, so the complimentary gifts bundled in your plan will in reality be paid.

5. Control Panel Interface Operational Speeds

The Driond Control Panel is engineered making use of the newest web related technologies. In this way, it takes advantage of in full the potential of your web browser and web connection to help you manage your sites extremely fast. In our comparison experiments, when conducting equivalent operations, Driond’s Control Panel demonstrated three times faster rates as compared to the competition.

cPanel continues to be performing on a platform from a decade ago and may truly be sluggish occasionally. The cPanel development team has carried out a vital step with the release of cPanel accelerated. Then again, in comparison experiments, prevalent website managing operations frequently display much better outcomes with alternative Control Panel tools.

6. Multi–domain name Control

The Driond Control Panel will let you flawlessly control a lot of websites in addition to their domain names from one place. Each individual website is going to have its own separate directory in the root of your website hosting account and will also be fully independent from the rest. That way, you need use only one account to maintain as many domain names and websites as you have.

If you try to host different domain names in a cPanel account, you’ll end up faced with a quite complicated directory structure. In general, cPanel website hosting accounts are made to manage only one domain. In this way, in order to deal with ten domain names simultaneously, for example, you will need to build 10 unique accounts. Otherwise, all added domain names’ content files will be found in the directory of the main domain name.

7. Control Panel Menu

The Driond Control Panel is really easy to browse through. You’ll have a handy top menu, from where you may get to any area of the Control Panel, with no need to get back to the main page each time. Additionally, we have included a quick statistics widget on the home page, so each time you log in, you will have an overview of exactly how many site visitors have attended your site.

On the cPanel main page, you will see icons for all areas of the Control Panel. As a result, even though you may never use an area, you’ll still view it on the index page. Also, to navigate between the different sections, you always have to browse back to the homepage and then go somewhere else.

8. Demo Accounts

The Driond Control Panel features a full demo that includes nearly every menu and tools it is equipped with. You could start building a site, install web apps, make email addresses, and so forth. Thus, you can obtain a a lot more in–depth perception of its interface and functionalities before you sign up.

The cPanel Control Panel offers a general demo account that doesn’t grant you access to the main web–site managing tools you need to check. It will show you how a common index page seems like and you’ll have access to one or two of all featured tools and functions. The other capabilities will be inactive unless you sign up.

Using the Driond Control Panel, taking care of your websites will be easy and enjoyable. Just take a quick look at the Web Control Panel demo and investigate the included parameters and tools to find out by yourself.

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