Using the Mail Manager, enclosed within the Hepsia Web Control Panel it is possible to quickly be in charge of all your email accounts, no matter the number of websites you have. You can quickly filter email accounts, enable anti–spam, assign email forwarding with only a mouse–click and create filters for one’s mailboxes. Thanks to our auto–configure scripts, you are able to immediately set up your mail client to work with every e–mail account of yours. And that is just a small part of what our Mail Manager will help you with.


Created to maintain spam far from you

No one wants junk mail inside the e–mail account. That’s why, we have made a custom–made anti–spam solution dependant on properly devised techniques that filter incoming emails and maintain the unsolicited mail away.

You can select among several degrees of defense, subject to what sort of junk messages you receive. Furthermore, you can easily specify a distinct level of spam protection for different mail accounts. Finally, you can select what occurs to emails marked as spam – to be erased or sent to a specific email address.

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Email Forwarding

Direct messages from one email address to another

We’ve made it simple for you to forward email messages from one mailbox to a different one within your website hosting plans account. Everything you should do is specify the e–mail account which you want to forward and after that submit the destination mailbox where you want each of the messages to get sent to.

You may also switch on a duplicate of each and every forwarded message to be kept inside the e–mail account you have forwarded.

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Email Filters

Arrange your email accounts effortlessly

When you receive a considerable amount of emails day–to–day, it’s essential to keep them structured. That is why we provide you with server–side email filters that come into action before you look at the mailbox for new email messages. Consequently, if you set up your custom–made spam filters, you’ll never find spam in your mailbox!

Setting up up–to–date e–mail filters is very trouble–free. You will need to specify precisely what the filter needs to seek out, the location where the filter looks for it (subject, body, etc.) and what transpires with the filtered e–mails.

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Email Protection

DomainKeys as well as SPF (Sender Policy Framework) security for one’s email address

Security is truly one of our main concerns. Including your email messages. All email accounts are guarded automatically by DomainKeys, a service at the same time employed by AOL, Yahoo and Google. It offers a fairly easy approach to associate the sender’s site using the email message.

SPF protection is a service which applies to all e–mail accounts under a specified site. It serves to counteract ’email forging’ – that means transmitting email messages from a email address not created within your web server.

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Email Auto–Configure Solution

Configure an email address on your PC with a click

When you check your email using your laptop computer or personal computer, it is likely that you use an email client. To save you the issues of having to personally include each and every new e–mail in your mail client, we’ve integrated intelligent ’auto–configure’ files. Just get hold of the file and open it using your mail app – this will immediately configure your a mailbox within your favorite desktop client.

We have auto–configure files for: Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook and also Outlook Express.

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Seen on any device, at any place

In case you do not have access to an email client, you can quickly access your email through our email client – Roundcube. There is just one website address you have to remember, and you can look at it using any kind of web–connected gadget from any location!

You may also directly log in through your Web Control Panel, and not have to enter any sort of e–mail sign in credentials.

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